Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Writings from Prison

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Words on Paper
by Eulie

Bellowing screams, it echoes in the cell. A vacant hallway elongates beyond reach.
My throat is hoarse and raw, yet I continue to call out her name.
Once silenced, due to guilt, I am sentenced.
The words are "Life without possible parole."
My words, my voice, my plea
They bounce and ricochet on all corners of the wall.   
Uncalculated words, slurs, and stutters destine to deaf ears.
Words that now bleed on an arsenal of coherent thoughts.
It is with the loss and agony of silence on this paper,
I pray for partial justice.
Can you feel my pain? Can you hear my pain? Can you see my words?
How will you look at me when my name is uttered once more?
Meaningless, collective words spewed out to determined my fate
Once the gavel was struck.
The beginning that will never end has started.
I want you to drink my words slowly.
I would offer you a thousand lifetimes to atone for this sin.
"The ultimate crime," more words not of my own.
I ache for you to believe that it was a mistake.
Can you hear my words?
My once shattered words, combined now
Make me whole.

It's Over
by Eulie
It's over, for now, but it is not the end.
At least that's what it looks like, right?
Nothing is ever permanent in life.
It's all meaningless.
Worthless grains of sand bare my footprints.
The sea is vast in a world of its own, unmeasurable.
Windows sealed,
Heavy doors and rusted barbed wire gates locked.
Many keys exist far beyond my reach,
Dare me to turn the door knob and venture towards
My freedom.
Today, everything that existed will be no more.
But tomorrow it all starts again.
So, goodbye for now
Until next time.

Copyright 2013, Eulie P. Printed with permission of the author.

* * * * *
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