Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prison Ministry: Write a Letter - Save a Life

Screen Beans character holding mail and jumping for joy 

When I first signed up for a prison pen pal with Letters 4 The Lord, a ministry in Harrah, Oklahoma, I was a bit skeptical. Even though I had been working with women offenders in jail ministry, I was not sure I wanted to communicate with someone I'd never met.

I was given two names: Nancy who is now back home and connects with me on Facebook. and Eulie who is serving life in a southern state. Eulie and I have been writing for about 2 years and I must say, it is one of the most gratifying volunteer positions I have ever experienced.

I once heard;, "You can save a life by writing to someone in prison." I don't know if that's true, but here is an excerpt from one of Eulie's letters to me:

"One of the best things about having a good friend during this journey is all the grace you get. For instance, I'm guilty of my charge, yet you have compassion towards me, the accused. A godly, good friend that is not hardly phased by the sensational reports on me. I just can't begin to express my gratitude. Each of your correspondences makes me feel as though an arm has been put around me. Your mere presence "via mail" in my life speaks volumes. I pray that you find the truth in my words and writings . It's important to me that you witness my weakness and brokenness first hand and as long as God permits - that you stick by me. I thank you for reflecting God's grace."

If Christ has put it on your heart to "visit him in prison," please consider a pen pal. It's easy, it costs the price of a stamp, it will change your life and the life of another person.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Writings from Prison - Visible Scars


My Inmate I.D.
by Eulie

A visible scar . . . I have many.
Let's start with the one that literally weighs less than one ounce.
It's made of polypropylene and fiberglass - the dimension is 8 1/2 X 5. . . .
Approximately 1 cm wide, inflexible.
If tampered with, it's liable to part in halves.
Occasional use of swiping has caused several tracings and indentations.
The shade? It appears  to be off-white, blanc that bleeds into the color rouge, noir avec jaune.
What a waste of rich colors.
The vertical barcode contains the apparent visible data -
A stoic image of me is a reminder of my reality,
A friendly reminder, if you will of the consequences of my action.
I'm instructed to have this object in my possession at all times.
What a shame that my state I.D. is not visible to you right now!.     

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Writings from Prison - Continued

Criminal and prisoner behind bars

Any Moment in Time . . .
by Eulie

Any moment in time when a woman didn't believe in herself,
Any moment she would put her dignity in a storage room.

Any moment in time when a woman didn't know her self-wroth,
Any moment she would let someone demean and crush her heart.

Any moment in time when a woman didn't follow her dreams and settled for less.
Any moment when life felt like it was falling apart at the seams.

Any moment in time when a woman didn't understand the real definition of sacrifice and love,
Any moment in time she neglected herself and let someone give her self-esteem a shove.

Any moment in time when a woman didn't see what her soul desires.
Any moment in time she needs to know that she will be granted that second chance in life.

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