Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Amazon Reviews

THE WOMEN OF BLOCK 12: Voices from a Jail Ministry

"Linda provides one of the most poignant, raw, and honest accounts of "life" in a women's jail that I have ever read. I especially appreciate how she reveals the emotional and spiritual journey she traveled while teaching in the jail. I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda last year about her experiences and was even more impressed by her work after speaking with her." ProfBreeWill

"This book is a story, it's powerful and inspiring. The book is about jail ministry, it's about women in prison and about the roads these women travel. But, more importantly it is an experience. If you have not been in prison, read it. If you have you may have written something in this book. The personal stories are rare, common and bring light to darkness.If you are in a book club consider this. If you are not, be sure to share this book with your friends. Linda Pischke has taken her consistent visits, her care and compassion, her heart for God to those who will listen. She has listened. You should read!"  Toni Dunn 

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