Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Writings from Prison

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Words on Paper
by Eulie

Bellowing screams, it echoes in the cell. A vacant hallway elongates beyond reach.
My throat is hoarse and raw, yet I continue to call out her name.
Once silenced, due to guilt, I am sentenced.
The words are "Life without possible parole."
My words, my voice, my plea
They bounce and ricochet on all corners of the wall.   
Uncalculated words, slurs, and stutters destine to deaf ears.
Words that now bleed on an arsenal of coherent thoughts.
It is with the loss and agony of silence on this paper,
I pray for partial justice.
Can you feel my pain? Can you hear my pain? Can you see my words?
How will you look at me when my name is uttered once more?
Meaningless, collective words spewed out to determined my fate
Once the gavel was struck.
The beginning that will never end has started.
I want you to drink my words slowly.
I would offer you a thousand lifetimes to atone for this sin.
"The ultimate crime," more words not of my own.
I ache for you to believe that it was a mistake.
Can you hear my words?
My once shattered words, combined now
Make me whole.

It's Over
by Eulie
It's over, for now, but it is not the end.
At least that's what it looks like, right?
Nothing is ever permanent in life.
It's all meaningless.
Worthless grains of sand bare my footprints.
The sea is vast in a world of its own, unmeasurable.
Windows sealed,
Heavy doors and rusted barbed wire gates locked.
Many keys exist far beyond my reach,
Dare me to turn the door knob and venture towards
My freedom.
Today, everything that existed will be no more.
But tomorrow it all starts again.
So, goodbye for now
Until next time.

Copyright 2013, Eulie P. Printed with permission of the author.

* * * * *
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dinner with Pat

Pat Nekola

There's always plenty to eat when our Joyful souls group meets!

Chef, Pat Nekola showed us how to make nutritious Roasted Chicken and Veggie Salad with Chocolate Cherry Cake for dessert.

She also entertained us with fascinating stories about her experiences as a teacher, caterer, and speaker.

Pat is the author of many books including Alzheimer's activities, cooking for picnics, bridal showers, catering, children's parties etc. For more information visit:  http://patnekolabooks.com/Books.htm

Thank you, Pat. We all had a great time! 

Latest Amazon Book Review

Smiley emoticon reading bookI have led a very sheltered life, so I was amazed at what I learned from this book. I am so impressed at what the author has done. I am counting my blessings more than ever. God has blessed me so much. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the stories of the women in Part 2 are so disturbing and some people may have a really hard time getting through them. If you can handle it, though, they are seriously fascinating and heart wrenching. I truly admire the courage of the women and the writing style of the book. I agree that you can be laughing one minute and crying the next. The book totally kept my attention. I have a mentally ill son and that has given me a much greater understanding and compassion for those suffering from brain disorders. This book has given me a different outlook on those who are behind bars. They must be accountable for the choices they have made, but they are still loved by God and should be by us as well. We can hate the sin but love the sinner. God bless Linda for bringing these stories to light. And God bless all those who have lived the life of "Block 12." Cookie

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I have a dear friend named Eulie. We met two years ago through Letters 4 the Lord, a Christian pen pal Ministry serving inmates across the United States. She lives a long way from my home in Wisconsin and chances are we will never meet. Eulie's letters enrich my life. I've asked her to share some of her writing:


Today I am still haunted by my past. Every month has a valuable and significant meaning. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, an insignificant holiday, flowers blooming, or the scent of baby powder. Reflecting on family gatherings the present days changes absolutely nothing. What was then has tainted my present and possibly my future.

There is a speck. . . . a distant hint of light at the end of my tunnel. Could it be wishful thinking or is it because of my spectacles that bring clarity to view. I choose to believe the glare and shadow ahead leads to my new destination.

My past is a lesson learned. I am armed with incredible strength. This strength overwhelms me with power of the mind. Unidentifiable and shapeless buttons that are beyond anyone's reach, unless I actually point it out.

Consequences are like a mine. I am cautioned by every step taken by not willing to detonate. Since being boxed-in is not an attraction to my destiny.

Hope is my new-found alliance. Optimism fuels and energizes my mere existence in this temporary setting. Thank God for hope and new awaited beginnings.


Since everyone and everything has been taken away from me, I now have faith in God. That's bending it a little if you will. You see, I was raised to believe that certain images would bring fruits, blessings, and protection into my life. Rituals if you will, at the ceremonies, the dances, chants, sacrificing of certain animals and other traditional performances was supposed to please these gods. Little did I know that my soul was offered to Satan without my permission.

Who does such a thing? Did you know that Satan can perform miracles? So he is the father of lies and illusions. I wonder if my mother and grandmother knew of the consequences that were ahead. Generational curses.

It used to be so easy to believe in the nothingness and of the one that rules the world. Just light a yellow or white unscented candle. Make the request before the gods, as if it had the power to intercede for anyone. Write down the name of the subject in question seven times, then prepare a feast for the gods.Set it up in a vacant room because the gods are greedy and selfish with the food. Drums and a few other instruments to play and entice a dancer to spin and move about erotic or just let loose. And before you know it the dark spirit has invaded the dancer's soul. The sacrificing of the goats or chicken never made any sense because afterwards the animal's corpse just laid out in the opening so the flies can feast on it. No proper burial.

Today I have faith in God - Jesus Christ my Lord and personal Savior. All that I had to do is believe in Jesus and repent. No sacrifices, ritual, un-devoured feast, worshipping false gods, images or idols.

Now that's bending it and it feels exhilarating.

My sadness has reached its plateau.
Dare me to claim healing and victory as my own.
All of a sudden I'm smiling again and it's because of you. 
You shed an inexplicable cheer in the atmosphere.
My heart embraces the wave of energy that seeps from you.
The smile that was once strained, now comes effortlessly.
All of a sudden, I found my best friend.
Hope eludes me and it denied my countless appeals.
Yet, I am still optimistic and convinced of a second chance.
All of a sudden, hope has a new identity.
Nothing is permanent in life.
The elongated tunnel that was pitch black
Is now luminous and vibrant.
All of a sudden, darkness breeds sparks of light.
Your presence ignites precaution because
He that rules the world wants to deprive me of such. . .
The inevitable yearns for justice.
All of a sudden, liberty resounds in my thoughts.
And all of a sudden . . . . 

Copyright 2013, Eulie P., Published with permission of the author. 

* * * * *
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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Our instructor, Sierra.

Start with an 18 inch frame made from 1x3 in. pine.

Personalize the frame with paint & stencils.

Wrap the painted frame in packaging tape - 2 layers in opposite directions.

You're ready for a drum circle!

* * * * *
Drum kits are available at: