Monday, November 10, 2014

by Eulie

Destined to survive
Despite my own intentions.
Who in their right mind
Would attempt to disturb
The appointed time?

So when did death
Become an issue?

Depression slithered 
and coiled into my heart.
Weeds and thorns of confusion
Dominated each decision.

Logical reasoning
Was choked out of my life.
Paranoia rested its head
With a butcher knife
Under my pillow.

Hatred was disguised
With inviting smiles.
A toast to the bride and groom.
May it end, ever so soon!

No one in his family
Really knew me.
Only the person I tried to be
For all of them.

Committed to a matrimony
Plagued by deceit.
Vows breached and
Seasoned with conceit.
 Hiding was destructive.
The lie became a monster. 

After the act, a coma.
Then profound sleep
Surreal inmages of the past.
Each memory underscored with pain
Forever etched in my mind.

In prison, an unfamiliar voice
Called me by name
And claimed my life as His own.
I was awakened to faith, relief.
God uses the broken.

Death isn't an issue anymore.

* * * * * * *
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