Friday, July 8, 2011


To keep up with the times, I've joined the masses and started texting. So now, my phone sings a little "You've got mail" song. Yes, I'm probably too old for this nonsense and no, it's not my primary means of communication. But clearly, it's a challenge.

My granddaughter is patiently teaching me the language. Don't laugh. I already knew what LOL meant. But have you heard of:
  • G2G - gotta go
  • BTW - by the way
  • LYLAS - love you like a sister
  • TMI - too much information
And in case you are ZZZZ (sleeping or bored). That's all I'm gonna teach you, for now.

While texting my granddaughter, it occured to me how important it is for us all of us to communicate with each other. Years ago, people did it by writing long letters. Can you imagine waiting months for that stagecoach?

Then came the telegraph, telephone, ham radio, computer, cell phones, skype etc. and the art of letter writing lost it's appeal for the younger generation. Word is, it may also be disappearing for the rest of us. But, never underestimate the value of the written word.  Last week I received a letter from an inmate at Taycheedah Correctional Institution.

She said, "I was so happy to see you wrote! Getting mail is like gold here, especially for me.. . . so I was thinking, maybe one night, your group could color some pictures or make some postcards and send them to women like me."

That statement just broke my heart. It is so easy to send a card or letter to someone in prison. From the comfort of your home, for a cost of $.44 - you can share the Gospel and change a life. Here's a safe resource to help you get started.

Letters For the Lord Prison Ministry

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For more information on women in prison, visit my website:

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  1. Great post and great reminder of the written word. I may check out the link you suggested...great way to minister and encourage.