Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Ways to Pray for Prison Ministries

When I ask the women of Block 12 how people can help them, they always answer, "Pray for us and our families."

If God has given you a heart for prison ministry, start with prayer. If prayer is the only thing you ever do, you will have made an important contribution.

Here are some suggested prayer topics. I'm sure you will add your own.
  1. Pray for prisoners and their families.

  2. Pray for victims of crime.

  3. Pray for the spirit of healing and forgiveness to those affected by crime.

  4. Pray for the safety of correctional officers who care for the imprisoned.

  5. Pray that inmates, everywhere, will have the freedom to worship.

  6. Pray that prison officians will allow faith-based programming for life skills, drug treatment, parenting skills, re-entry training etc.

  7. Pray for those in ministry.

  8. Pray for mentors to help offenders when they are released.

  9. Pray for reform in the criminal justice system.

  10. Pray for equal access to medical and mental health treatment for offenders.


"The Women of Block 12: Voices From a Jail Ministry."


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