Saturday, August 14, 2010

Drug Treatment Programs in Prison

"The FBI reports that drugs and alcohol are a factor in about 80 percent of the felony convictions for violent crimes, property crimes and drug offenses, and studies show that 60 percent of ex-convicts are unemployed one year after their release from prison," according to Ed Merriman writer for the Baker City Herald.

In an article published August 13, 2010, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Working At Powder River, Merriman highlights the success of a program offered to inmates at Powder River Correctional Facility in Baker City, Oregon. Inmates who participate in the program have a second chance at turning their lives around and realizing their dreams. The inmates get intense drug and alcohol treatment along with basic work experience to prepare for life after incarceration.

The program claims 88 per cent of the graduates go back to the community, get a job, and succeed in providing for themselves and their families. Be sure to read the entire article at the above link.

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Visit: The Women Of Block 12 for more information about offenders.

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