Monday, December 14, 2009

The Awful Plight Of Pregnant Prisoners

"The lack of common sense and compassion with which imprisoned pregnant women are treated is chilling" according to an article by Rachel Roth, writer for "The Nation." Women prisoners in the US have often been denied prenatal care, adequate nutrition and hospitalization during pregnancy and birth. Many deliver their children while in shackles. Ms. Roth's article goes on to discuss examples of the dangers incarcerated women face during pregnancy and childbirth.

Read the entire article "How Does Somebody Have a Baby in Jail Without Anybody Noticing?" at:

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  1. I probably have my head in the sand, but I could only scan the linked article. It's just too heartbreaking and un-be-liev-able.
    I think it's WONDERFUL that you are compiling stories written by women prisoners. You are truly a blessing.