Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Friends

The other night, I had dinner with two friends, Joy and Pamela, former inmates who contributed their stories to my forthcoming book: The Women of Block 12: Voices From A Jail Ministry. We met six years ago in the early days of my ministry at the county jail. There was no question, in my mind, who taught who. Those beautiful, spirit filled women ministered to their fellow inmates AND to me. I just showed up on Wednesday nights and let God work through them.

Six years later, with prison behind them (for good, I hope) they continued the task of mentoring others. I sat across the table and listened to their excitement in seeing each other again and sharing the memories of their days and nights in Block 12.

"Do you remember how timid Linda was in the beginning?" Joy laughed. "We fixed that."

"Yeah," Pamela said. "We taught her how to fast and pray."

Indeed you did, my friends and I will always be grateful. I love you both!

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