Sunday, February 12, 2012


Kay & Pat add the toppings

Make Pizza Like a Pro
was the topic for Friday, February 10th.

Using a crust recipe that Linda got from her sister, who got it from her best friend, who got it from her father, who owned a pizzaria in Milwauke 40 years ago, we made the best pizza ever!
Bea, Ann, & Joy cutting onions

We learned how to properly proof yeast, knead the dough, and roll it out. No one tried tossing it in the air, however. Too risky - we might have had to start over!

We had a delicious dinner of pizza, salad, popcorn, & soda.
Everyone took their pizza creation home to bake.
Rosemary shows off her creation
A gift from Karolyn. Everyone got these beautiful handmade mittens.

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  1. Thank You Linda for the homeade pizza recipie and for all the wonderful food. There is nothing better than 'breaking bread' with like-minded people then come out of my shell and get connected already. Tick tock....

    I want to salute you for your technical skills as well. Your blog is an amazing tool and would love to learn how do it at one of our 6-8pm Friday night meetings at St. Vincents on Sunset. This my first blog visit and I've never tweeted or explored Facebook.
    See you soon. Seriously tech challenged Bea.:)