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12/16 Rhoda Jenkins gave 5 stars to: The Women of Block 12 (Voices From a Jail Ministry) by Linda Pischke
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Firstly I would like to thank the author Linda Pischke. As I won this as part of First Reads, I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to read and review this book.

This book is divided into 2 sections: the first the author shares her experiences with working with the women in prison, how she coped, what it was like etc. The second section consists of the women's stories.

The book was fascinating!! What I particularly liked about the writing was that the author did not come across as the "expert" in what to do and how to do it. She painted a very human picture of himself, including her own reservations, flaws and judgments. I greatly admired her honest and down to earth descriptions of what she saw as her own shortcomings throughout these experiences. It's very reassuring to know that people in her position also have flaws like the rest of us and don't always have all the answers either :-)

The women's stories were quite's difficult to imagine living a life like some of these women have experienced. Although most of the women believed that they were going to be able to embrace a different future for themselves with the help of God, you have to wonder how many actually will. Certainly by their own accounts, old habits are very hard to break. Let's hope for their sake that they can!

Lastly, whilst this book is religious based, for those that shy away from structured religion (or any religion for that matter), do not let that put you off reading this book. I believe it is sensitive to all beliefs and is definitely not "preachy". I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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