Friday, October 14, 2011


Our Letters 4 the Lord
Our Joyful Souls Aftercare group began a letter writing ministry with the help of Linda O'Dell from Letters 4 the Lord prison ministry. Tonight we designed cards and wrote letters to 10 special women in prisons in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Florida. Joy brought art supplies and helped us get started on our project. We dined on cold pizza and soda and teased each other about our" artistic" abilities. 
Mentor, Joy teaches us how to begin

Sharing our thoughts and prayers
We all agreed it was hard to write to a stranger for the first time. Some of us shared favorite Bible passages. Others talked about our group. Some of the women told their penpals that they, too, had been in prison.

It is our hope that this will be the beginning of some very special friendships that will help all of us to grow in our faith.

For More information about women in prison visit my website:
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  1. what a wonderful group of women to help serve the women behind the bars. I appreciate you all so much!

  2. You really do a wonderful ministry. And it is nice to see those ladies writing to other ladies that are where they used to be.