Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten Reasons To Do Jail Ministry

  1. BosGuy: June 2009You hear God’s call and finally listen to Him. 
  2. You find out that only God should be the judge of others.
  3. You learn how to love people who don’t know how to love you back – but they learn. 
  4. You have the privilege of being ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ to someone who needs one. 
  5. You get to see that ‘child’ grow in faith through God’s grace.
  6. You learn that sharing the Gospel is simple - just bring the love of Jesus to those in pain. 
  7. God gives you the strength to ‘hang in there’ even when the outcome is not as you planned. 
  8. Your prayer list gets longer. 
  9. Prisoners will pray for you more than you’ve ever been prayed for in your life.
  10. God will bless you in unexpected ways.
  11. Because Christ called me 2 it and I have a very strong passion and Burden 4 it. (Letters 4 The Lord Prison Ministry). http://prisonministry.net/Letters
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Readers: I'd love to hear from you! Please share your own benefits/reasons for participating in jail ministry and see how many we can come up with.
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