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Denise Matthews
Heart of God East Africa is dedicated to taking the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa.  I was recently contacted by Denise Matthews founder and Volunteer Executive Director of this wonderful program. She was interested in The Women of Block 12 and graciously offered to let us post stories from her ministry.

Hundreds of thousands of women are imprisoned around the world. Despite their differences in nationality, language, culture, and location, their stories have common themes. They are often the victims of their circumstances having been born into cultures that dominate and abuse them. Over the coming weeks, I will share Heart of God stories with you.

HGEA Prison Ministry: Broken Chains – The Story of Susan … “my body will be hanged but my life is in the LORD.”

The woman about whom you are about to read is named Susan. Susan in on death row in a women’s prison.
In order to protect her and the ministry the name of the prison is being withheld.
She is very dedicated to the Lord. As you will read this wasn’t always the case.
Susan was involved in the murder of her husband. She says that her husband didn’t have enough trust in her, he could not make decisions over his trust in her without the counsel of his mother. Susan became frustrated and felt the need to claim her right as a wife. Things got progressively worse, they were fighting nearly everyday.
One fateful night, things would change forever in the course of Susan’s life. Her husband came home and they began fighting. They fought almost the entire night. Susan felt that her life was in danger and so she plotted to kill her husband. Susan was not a believer and made her decision based on two reasons.
Number one, she wanted to end her misery. Number two she knew she would benefit from the riches of the family.
She devised a plan with the house maid and they killed her husband. They made the claim to authorities that they had been attacked by gangs. Investigations were made and she was found guilty of her husbands murder.
Susan has been in prison for the past twelve years. Five years ago, Susan had an encounter with God. She confessed her guilt of murder, she poured her heart out to Him and the LORD had mercy on her.
Susan has since that time become the praise and worship leader in the prison. She witnesses to the other women.
She is condemned to hang in November 2011. She is not afraid of her judgement because she knows that “my body will be hanged but my life is in the LORD”.
Susan claims, “the LORD allowed me to come here that I may know HIm, so I know I will not die here”.
Susan recently sat for her senior 6 exams and passed. She is now enrolled for university classes.
When you look at Susan, it’s hard to believe her story. She sings and worships God with a love like no other. She is not what you would expect to see of a woman in prison about to be hanged.
When our team ministered inside this prison in June 2011 and found the news about Susan’s sentence it broke our hearts. She radiates Christ and sings with joy in her heart. This is a woman whose chains have been broken!
Susan’s favorite scripture is “He turned my mourning into dancing” Psalm 30:11.

Life Transforming Prison Ministry, Saphan Muhanguzi
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For more information on women in prison visit: http://TheWomenOfBlock12.com.
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