Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This week, I discovered a website:

The creator of this clever site is a jail sergeant (go figure) and he offers a very interesting mix of information for jail and prison officers, former inmates, and the general public. You could spend a whole lot of time there reading articles and connecting to other links with corrections related topics.
  • Some of my personal favorites are the prison artwork and inmate stories. In fact, inmates and former inmates are encouraged to send their stories, and art to the site for publication. Check it out.
The very best thing about Jail is that he was kind enough to post a picture of my book cover and a link to The Women of Block 12.
Thank you officer!
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  1. What a neat website! I too like the artwork. My brother used to send my kids origami while he was in prison. It would make their day...and it did my heart good too.